Human Metabolic Studies

Medicine and Sports

  • Whole Room Calorimetry, Tents, Masks

Cardiovascular Research

  • Cardiovascular Function, Blood Pressure and Flow, Vessel Structure

Oncology Research Tools

  • Tumour investigation and Hypoxic Environments

Rodent Metabolic and

Behavioral Phenotyping System

  • The Promethion System for Metabolic Measurement and Behavioural Studies

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Our staff of scientists work with Application Specialists from our manufacturing partners, and leading scientists who are our customers, to promote discussion and collaboration.

Metabolic phenotyping
Simulated hypoxia

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Quality Product

All instruments have been designed and manufactured by leading scientific equipment companies, and have been widely cited in research journals, proving their effectiveness, reliability and convenience of use.

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All of our products are validated by high impact journal citation and their provenance established from companies with strong reputations for excellence.

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A range of gold-standard instruments allow us to recommend the most effective solutions.

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Knowledgeable staff will understand your research requirements and provide comprehensive training. Expertise and professionalism from our product managers ensure that your equipment delivers high performance.