China Gate Scientific was established in 2006 to represent Western manufacturers of life and physical science equipment. 

Our aim is to introduce the latest technology to scientific researchers and educators in China. The company's primary goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied.

China Gate's strategy is to provide the highest quality scientific instrumentation with the best technical support possible.

We represent fourteen manufacturers of the World’s leading scientific technology. For most of these partners we are the sole authorized representative, responsible for all customers in China.

We provide expert after-sales support to our customers to assist them to achieve their professional goals. Our staff are academically qualified, highly trained and committed. 

Our reputation as a provider of excellent scientific equipment and effective customer support is of first importance to us and we strive to meet the highest expectations of scientists in China.

What we provide

  • Energy Metabolism Parameters: Oxygen Consumption, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Respiratory Quotient, Metabolic Rate, etc.;
  • Electrocardiogram: including newborn suckling mice, rats, mice, zebrafish, etc.; Body Surface Electrocardiogram and Heart Electrocardiogram, etc.;
  • Blood Pressure: Invasive and Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Ventricular PV loop;
  • Blood Flow: Ultrasound Doppler Blood Flow Velocity; Laser Doppler Tissue Blood Perfusion;
  • Tissue Function in Vitro: including changes in contraction and relaxation tension of tissues such as isolated blood vessels, muscle strips, intestines, lungs and trachea, bladder, etc.;
  • Imaging: Bioelectrical and calcium imaging signals of heart and nerve tissue; Bone morphology;
  • Partial Oxygen Pressure: Partial oxygen pressure in tissues;
  • Body Composition: Fat Mass, Fat-free Mass, Intracellular Fluid, Extracellular Fluid and Total Water Content;
  • Hypoxic Cell Culture
  • High Altitude Hypoxic Environment Simulation (animal/human)
  • Basic Heart and Blood Vessels Physiological Functions
  • Metabolic Phenotype Analysis
  • Drug Screening and Pharmacological Research
  • Cardiovascular and Neuropharmaceutical Toxicology Research
  • Basic Physiology Research of Urinary and Reproductive System
  • Research on Asthma and Other Cardiopulmonary and Vascular Diseases
  • Sports Physiology and Muscle Atrophy Research
  • Translational Medicine
  • Tumor Research
  • Organ Transplant
  • Small Animal Vision Screening
  • Bone Morphology Research
  • Feeding Behavior Research
  • Pain and Behavior Research

What we create

  • More convenient and efficient communication, purchase and service mode
  • A smoother and more user-friendly feedback channel
  • Abundant experimental tools and methods
  • Value and efficient pathways to cutting-edge research