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ImpediMed’s SFB7 measures fluid status and tissue composition for clinical and research applications. This single-channel, tetrapolar BIS device has been used to analyze body composition in healthy individuals and over 40 various disease states or medical conditions.



SFB7 scans 256 frequencies between 3 kHz and 1000 kHz and, using Cole modeling with Hanai mixture theory, determines total body water, extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid. From there, fat-free mass and fat mass are calculated on the device. Using the supporting software, you can perform further data analysis, without needing any additional population-specific prediction equations or algorithms. Validation studies confirm that BIS correlates highly with isotope dilution analysis, DXA and other reference methods. Data such as characteristic frequency, characteristic impedance and cell membrane capacitance are not available from any other bioimpedance technology.


Product Highlights

  • Single-channel, tetrapolar configuration

  • Scans 256 discrete frequencies, between 3 kHz and 1000 kHz

  • Measurements take less than one second

  • Single-reading, interval and continuous measurement modes

  • Low-noise data generation

  • Access to all raw impedance data

Journal Citations

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