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Small Animal Radiation Research Platform

SARRP transforms the way researchers conduct radiation research by delivering highly conformal radiation to preclinical models. Created by expert physicists and engineers at John’s Hopkins University and installed in over 110 research facilities worldwide, SARRP brings the same precision, accuracy, and reproducibility found in radiation therapy to translational research.



SARRP’s key advantage is that it drives research forward with truly matched technology that unlocks your research potential. The combination of high-resolution CT imaging, dynamic couch and gantry movements to support both simple and complex arc therapy, intuitive treatment planning software, and expert customer support sets SARRP above other research systems.

Xstrahl leads technology innovation to support radiation therapy research, and SARRP is the first choice for researchers who want to truly replicate clinical radiation therapy. SARRP’s ability to support advanced pre-clinical research is backed up by hundreds of peer-reviewed papers have been published featuring pre-clinical research carried out using SARRP.



  • Flexible immobilization systems facilitate reproducible set-up and radiation delivery for fractionated studies.

  • Onboard CT imaging – the only system with both axial and pancake geometry so you can identify your radiation targets and avoid organs at risk.

  • Integrated treatment planning with dual calculation algorithm, including Monte Carlo, and image fusion

  • capabilities

  • 4π delivery with dynamic beam shaping to deliver simple and complex treatments

  • Supports stereotactic radiosurgery with fixed collimators

  • Supports IMRT and SABR with variable collimators

  • SARRP gantry and specimen stage with a unique calibration can both rotate 360° for complex

  • multi-isocenter or non-coplanar techniques.

  • A preclinical dosimetry protocol provides traceability of delivered dose to a national standard for research protocol validation.


In Vivo Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

SARRP is a versatile and multi-functional radiation platform, with technical advantages that are superior for small animal studies. Recent, high-profile studies have detailed SARRP’s ability to be used for very complex radiation therapy techniques, coupled with fractionated regimes, that haven’t ever been demonstrated before. SARRP supports advanced single or multi-animal studies with a CT field of view that allows you to image up to four animals with multiple isocenters depending on their targets. In a recent publication in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, one research site reported how the SARRP equipped with a motorized variable collimator was essential in researching image-guided cranio spinal irradiation.

Particle Therapy

As proton therapy moves into routine clinical use, there is an increased need to understand and validate the biological responses seen with particle therapy. SARRP Beamline is specifically designed for preclinical particle research, enabling image-guided experiments with your particle beamlines. Leading research programs at the University of Washington and the University of Pennsylvania have already demonstrated that SARRP Beamline is the ultimate adaptable platform for in vivo proton studies.


SARRP supports immunotherapy research in several ways. Preclinical validation is key, and SARRP opens up this exciting research area. SARRP plays a vital role in helping researchers establish which patients will and will not benefit from immunotherapy – ranging from the abscopal effects to the mechanisms underlying the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies.

Whole Body Irradiation

Many research protocols require Chimera models, and SARRP can be used to create these models with a whole-body irradiation technique. Multiple animals can be treated at 35cm FSD on a flat bed, or an entire pie cage could be treated at 80cm FSD. Xstrahl can provide a custom beam hardening and flattening filter for optimal homogeneity. SARRP provides quick and easy whole-body irradiation using the field light on the MVC to improve workflow efficiency.

In Vitro

SARRP also support in vitro irradiation protocols. The in vitro irradiation protocol is often affected by the flask and culture media used, irradiating from above and below will optimize the dose homogeneity across the volume or flask. SARRP makes this workflow significantly more accurate and reproducible.


Dynamic Delivery

SARRP is a versatile radiation research solution, supporting a full range of clinically relevant techniques including rotational arc therapy, IRMT, gated treatments and stereotactic radiosurgery.

Organ Motion

SARRP’s gating system overcomes organ and target motion, which is a significant pre-clinical and clinical challenge.

Advanced Imaging

SARRP integrates a variety of imaging modalities, including micro focus CT and bioluminescence, with image fusion tools to clearly identify he target and organs at risk.







“SARRP has become central to our translational pipeline in radiation biology and comes with extremely good support and maintenance to take the stress out of running large pre-clinical experiments.” — Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, Leeds University, United Kingdom

“SARRP has really made a significant impact in our lab, the ability to accurately target small volumes with image guidance hasn’t been possible before and we are now constantly evolving our approaches to leverage the technology to its maximum potential. Clearly our ability to deliver clinically relevant radiotherapy treatments in preclinical models has taken a major step forward.” — Center of Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom

“Future advances in the technology of small animal microirradiator imaging and treatment planning, including the ability not only to define an isocenter but also to contour tumor volumes accurately using onboard imaging, will result in further improvements. The future of clinically relevant preclinical irradiation studies has never looked brighter.” — Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, United States

“The irradiation devices developed by Xstrahl for radiobiological research, both in vitro and in vivo, certainly are of outstanding quality in this field of research… SARRP helps us to make our research more reliable and more clinically relevant. From my point of view, the customer service provided by Xstrahl is close to perfect.”— Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich, Germany

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